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Finishing Information

Services and pricing for pre-blocked items:


     With customers own fabric. Knife edge with zipper and insert.
         Small    (less than 12”)                $50-60
         Standard (over 12” up to 18")     $70-90
         Large (over 18”)                         $100 and up*


    With customers own fabric and desired trims.
          Small           $50
          Large          $95 and up*   


    Metal frame, acrylic & mat provided by finisher.
         Small (up to 14”)        $90
         Large (over 14”)        $105 and up*

Other Items

Email to discuss finish and pricing.

*depending on finished size; we will provide an estimate.

Note:  Customer is responsible for any shipping and packing charges.  If you wish for me to choose the fabric, there will be a $10 charge on top of the cost of the fabric.